AGRO Merchants Group Maasvlakte

Aperçu du projet

AGRO Merchants Group completed its much awaited Rotterdam-Maasvlakte facility, adding 18,000 pallets of frozen and chilled space to the market. The company began construction in February 2016 to expand its service offering to its client base in a critical port hub location.


“The 220mm QuadCore panel has been chosen to replace the same thickness with a standard insulated panel. However, with a QuadCore panel, we have the advantage of getting a higher insulation value for the same thickness, so the customer actually gains more.”
Arjan Vrielink, B-Built

For more information download our case study document here.

Emplacement du Projet

Project Location - AGRO Merchants Group Maasvlakte

Malakkastraat 15

3199 LK Maasvlakte Rotterdam